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1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar

1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar

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1880-S Morgan Silver Dollars – The “San Francisco Treat”

The Morgan Silver Dollar is perhaps the most widely collected U.S. vintage silver dollar ever struck. Its Wild West history, large size and bold designs make it a favorite of many collectors. And if you ask them which are the most beautiful, they’ll likely point you to those that bear the “S” mint mark of the San Francisco Mint, known for their high-quality strikes. In fact, the first five Morgans struck in San Francisco are argued by many numismatists as the best-struck Morgans of the entire series

When the very first Morgan Silver Dollars were released from the San Francisco Mint, folks were shocked at the stunning quality of the coins. Because silver dollars are so big and difficult to strike, the details in the middle of the coins are often lacking. But they were almost always sharp on Morgans from the San Francisco Mint. These 1880-S Morgans are among the highest quality Morgans struck anywhere and in any year. Each of these big 90% silver coins has been graded by either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) to be in Choice Uncirculated Mint State-64 (MS64) condition. Grading service varies.

This piece is a real prize! – it’s a magnificent coin in a beautiful grade at a fantastic price! It’s the perfect place to start your Morgan Silver Dollar collection!

  • AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR COIN – The Morgan Silver Dollar – so named for its designer, U.S. Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan – has stood the test of time. Struck from 1878-1904 and again in 1921, it was the coin of America’s “Wild West” and jingled in the coin purses of gamblers, gunfighters, soldiers and dance hall girls.
  • CLASSIC DESIGNS – Morgan’s historic design depicts a profile of Lady Liberty on the obverse while the reverse features an eagle with outstretched wings. The model used for Liberty was Miss Anna Williams of Philadelphia, who Morgan declared to have the most perfect feminine profile he had ever seen.
  • STRUCK IN GLEAMING AMERICAN SILVER – Struck in 26.73 grams of 90% silver from the famous Comstock Lode, the Morgan Silver Dollar is a big coin 38.1 mm in diameter. When this coin was plunked down on a counter, its weight meant real money, pure and simple.
  • LEGAL TENDER SILVER DOLLAR – Morgans were $1 legal tender and struck during the heyday of America’s Wild West era where coins were overwhelmingly preferred over paper currency.
  • Category: Morgan Dollars 
  • Mint: San Francisco
  • Obverse Designer: George T. Morgan
  • Reverse Designer: George T. Morgan
  • Composition: Silver
  • Fineness: 0.9
  • Weight: 26.73g
  • ASW: 0.7734oz
  • Melt Value: $18.04 (7/10/2023)
  • Diameter: 38.1mm
  • Edge: Reeded
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Robert Oppel
1880 morgan s

Besutiful , untouched, graded, stackable. Great buy. Thanks again

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